There is Power in Calm

I’m sure I’m like everyone else out there.  There’s so much I think about and so much I want to say; I’m just never sure how to say it.  Or, for that matter, if I should say it.

I’m always on.  I’m always thinking, always being responsible.  And it’s very tiring.  So many people who know me would love to see me able to turn it off and learn to relax.

There is accomplishment in multi-tasking.  Things get done and the responsible have managed to pick up the slack for the rest of the world.  And so it continues day after day.

But in that hustle and bustle, that never ending cycle of doing,  I believe the responsible are yearning to stop and turn it off.  I feel it.

There is power in turning off and learning to rest.  There is power in learning to ignore the hustle and bustle and unending pull of responsibility.  Powerless; I don’t know where to start.

My journey begins here with acknowledging a desire to turn if off.   So begins the search for stillness.  There is power in calm.