The Garden of Calm

There is nothing so calming for me as being in the garden.   I went to my little garden knowing the work that needed to be done and dreading the hot sun and the physicality of the work.  I could only see how much more there was that needed doing today.

There are so many things that I feel I must do all the time; so many things that need doing.  The list is endless and anxiety grows as I think of everything that must be done.  And so I began thinking, how quickly can I get this gardening done?

And then, I dug in the warm earth and felt the coolness below.  I felt the warm sun beating on my head and took in the smell of the rich soil.  And suddenly, the anxiety and the list faded.  This felt right and comfortable and just where I needed to be right then.

I have read often of the need to be “in the moment” and I have wished over and over to learn how to do just that.  Many have recommended meditation but I have always lacked the skills to slow it down and not think.  But this gardening, this being close to the earth, smelling and feeling it; this gave me some amount of calm and for just a little while, I believe I was truly in the moment.  And it felt good there in that garden of calm.


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