Music Makes It All Feel Okay, Sometimes

Music can have a lot of power over emotions. Some will be inspired to create great works of art, some will be inspired to push harder and sweat more and others will be inspired to relax. Everyone has that song or that music genre that does it for them.

I have to admit my musical taste depends on the day and my mood; which, I’m sure, is the same for many others. I would like to put myself in a lane and choose a genre but it just isn’t to be. When I am at work and need extra energy, I may jam with something up tempo. When I’m at work and I need to concentrate, it will be blues or jazz, etc.

Most recently, my husband found that “ah-ha” moment of searching and found the music that will help me relax enough to go to sleep most nights in a completely dark room. (I still hang on to some of those nights of insomnia regardless.) What is it? They call it “spa” music. The name alone cracks me up most days. I’ve never been to a spa and frankly I am afraid that should I go it would be an utter waste of my time and money. I picture the spa staff trying to get me to relax and myself lying there analyzing everything with my thoughts going a mile a minute regardless of the music that would be playing there.

See, that’s the struggle for me. I can feel really great listening to certain music but that alone will not make me feel okay. I have to pair that music with some sort of outside world block to be alone with my thoughts and the music. Sometimes it is a closed door, other times a dark room and most often, a set of headphones. It seems only then, for just a little while, the thoughts start to become less important and the emotional soothing will take over and I feel okay.

Short lived that it is, it is a little ray of hope. I can sometimes find a place where I can start to feel calm and when that happens I can feel for a little while the power of letting go. Let’s not over analyze it right now. Let me just relish the small feeling of breakthrough and listen to some music.