Waking Up an MBA and “Just Content”

So, here’s what it feels like, waking up an MBA. It feels, so far, not much different than yesterday. I thought I would feel so much more accomplished and overjoyed; maybe I will later when I am going about the day. Right now there is a sense of accomplishment but it is a small inner feeling of contentment.

Maybe it is just me, but I find that things do not give me that “wow” that I got when I was younger. Now, from my perspective, things are good, there are happy moments but they just aren’t over the top. There isn’t any dancing around with elation and “telling everyone.”

I find myself wondering if it is because we lose that sense of wonder as we get older. Or maybe it is because it is put into context of a life of over 40 years lived with many ups and downs that puts this one thing its place and says, “yes, that is good, but it is one moment in a series of moments.”

I think that I should not be worried about my lack of “over the top” excitement for the thing that I just accomplished yesterday. I find myself thinking that sometimes it is okay just to be content and rest in it. Maybe being happy is not always about bubbling over with excitement and joy.

I find myself thinking in the world of calmness there is a quiet contentment that just feels right and it is okay not to shout with excitement from the rooftops from happiness.