Facebook Folly – The Anti Calm

I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook.  I have found that the more time I spend on the site, the less calm I am.  In fact, I get downright riled up.

For instance, everyone has an opinion and because it is virtual and not face to face, many people are compelled to state those opinions that they would not dare state in person.    Or, if they haven’t got the venue to state the opinions in person, they also don’t have the ambition to justify the opinions they have with any semblance of intelligent reasoning.

Worse yet, are the endless streams of causes that are constantly parading by on the “news feed” at any given time.  Most of these causes are for people I have never met, nor have my “friends” met.  For some reason though, my “friends” feel compelled to ask me to give and share.   Just to clarify, I am a charitable person.  I give generously of my money and my time when I believe in the cause and have a connection of sorts.  I do not, however, ask my friends to give to unknown persons and causes.  And I never attempt to guilt them into a false sense of belonging to earn their support. 

Just once, I would like to see a Friend Request that says this:  Dear Friend, if you are nice enough to friend me, you should know that  I will forward and share multitudes of opinionated links and stories that I know very little about, I will forward this propaganda even to those who wish I would not many times each day.    I will jump on any and all bandwagons to join the popular threads on the News Feed today.   I will guilt you into joining the popular causes and giving to unknown charities to fit in.  I will air my emotional state, illnesses and sports fantasies to the masses.  I will shamelessly invite every person on my “friends” list to join the games I play and beg for help to level up.  I will expect you to like everything I post and make witty comments to prove you are my friend.  I will expect you to share my wisdom with all of your friends as well.

Just once this would be nice to see.  A little realism in the face of the folly that is Facebook.