My Basket

I’ve been largely absent from almost every source of social interaction for the last six weeks.  (With the exception of a short visit to one site that led to my last post.)  I found that I needed this time because I was overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do next after getting that MBA, where to concentrate my efforts and how I can move on from one season to another without losing my mind.  In a sense, I needed to make sure I was not heading further away from the calm I seek.

I took a time out and went basket shopping.  Well, in a sense.

You see,  I have pulled back and entered isolation to take a good look at my basket and make sure I am carrying the right basket.  My basket is what matters to me.   It contains all the things I am responsible for, what I should care about and what I can realistically control.

After much speculation, I think that we are only supposed to really “worry” about those things that belong in our basket.  I am not saying we cannot empathize with causes or people.   What I am saying is the things that should rattle us or in any way exude any pressure on our state of calm in the world are those things that we control.

So, in order to know if I had the right basket and that it contained the right things,  I had to figure out what I was really responsible for.   Some would argue that is very easy.  I would disagree.

I believe that we live in a society today that has been overwhelmed with knowing so much about so many things and so many people that it is literally a chore for some to figure out what their basket is all about.  I took this time out to identify my own.

What I have learned is what I can control, what I cannot control and what I try to control.   I found out that the things that threaten my state of calm the most are those things that I cannot control but try to control.   When I start to look in other baskets and try on some of the things stored in those baskets, I start feeling stressed and my mind begins to race more than usual.

So, what can I control?  Well, that is a story for another day.  I found my basket and now I need to learn to carry it and quit worrying about what everyone else has in their baskets.