MBA One Year Later – Think or Do

Here I am one year later.  I had thought that completing the MBA was my ticket to an immediate change in employment.  I had thought that I would immediately be more respected. I had thought I would finally get noticed for all those things I can do.  

See, here is the fault.  I thought but I did nothing differently.  I thought and so nothing happened.  

Think or do.  Which of these things gets us further on our paths to content and calm?    I contend neither will get us there alone.  It is the combination of thought and action that move us.  
So here I am one year later.  I don’t have a different job.  Fault?  That is squarely on me.  I have not taken the steps needed and I know it.  

Do I have more respect? Up until recently I would say no.  Recently I have gotten more respect which I believe is a direct result of my own actions.  Acting in a way that demands respect and shows me as respect worthy was the key. 

Do I get noticed for my work and abilities?  That too is starting to change because I have acted in such a way to showcase my abilities.  Humility is good but never accepting praise or credit is a roadblock we should never create. Lesson learned I hope.

One year later and I am starting to see how my thoughts and actions working together can bring some contentment. 

After all, thinking about what could be or what has not happened breeds discontent and a feeling of powerlessness.  And that, the discontent, is so far from the calm I seek.